Odd-Geir Berge

Partner, Uppsala University Hospital

Educated as a dentist at the University of Bergen, engaged in pain research at the Department of physiology between 1975 and 1990. PhD in 1984. Recruited to Astra Pain Control in Södertälje as a section head in 1990. Various roles in line management and project management in Astra/AstraZeneca through the years. Currently Senior Principle Scientist and responsible for bringing new projects into the analgesia portfolio. Adjunct professor in Physiology at Bergen University in the 90thies and currently adjunct professor in experimental pain research at Uppsala University.

My field of expertise is in vivo pharmacology of analgesia, drug research.

Uppsala Berzelii Centre represents a unique constellation of leading clinical and bioanalytical capabilities.

My research goal is to develop new and improved analgesics to meet the enormous medical need in the pain patient population. Contribute to better understanding of pain pathophysiology.

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