Lars Österlund

Industrial Partner, Molecular Fingerprint AB
Explorative Research / Nanotechnology

Lars Österlund, PhD in physics from Chalmers University of Technology 1997, Docent in Physics at Chalmers 2002. Since 2006 Adj. Professor at Uppsala University of technolgy. Since 2009 staff member at Dep. Engineering Sciences and Div. Solid State Physics. Member of FOI research directorate 2006-ff, co-founder and board member of the Swedish Soc of Vibrational Spectroscopy, member of SIS nanotechnology committee, board member of the international NIR society. Co-founder of Molecular Fingerprints AB.

My field of expertise is vibrational spectroscopy, surface science of photo-active materials, solid state spectrocopy, and lithographic nanofabrication methods.
The Uppsala Berzelii Centre provides unique opportunities to interact with world-leadning scientists and companies in application areas relevant for our company.
Our research goal is to make Molecular Fingerprint AB a leading company in the area of diamond-based lab-on-a-chip sensors for spectroscopic analysis of proteins and early diagnosis of diseases.


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