Klas Hjort

Principal Investigator
Explorative Research

Prof. Klas Hjort was born in Säter, Sweden, in 1964. He received his M.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics in 1988, PhD in Materials Science in 1993, and Prof. in MST in 2008, all at Uppsala University, Sweden. Prof. Hjort is a member of the Key Technology Group of the European Platform on Smart Systems (EPoSS). He has published more than 200 scientific papers and is inventor in several patents.

Hjort is experienced in advanced micro- and nanoengineering, which is often developed to assist other research groups and industry. Recently he has focused on microsystems made in circuitboard technology in stainless steel, flexible foils and elastic substrates, for Bio-MEMS and wireless sensor node applications. In Bio-MEMS his focus is on fluidic handling like sampling and conditioning, with examples in microdialysis sampling, cell sorting and fractionation, and novel microfluidic actuator systems like the world-strongest sub-ccm micromechanic pump.

The Uppsala Berzelii centre is of great importance for me, offering close interaction with groups that are strong in analyses and sensing as well as clinical groups and industry, together promoting relevant utilization of our fluid handling research.
In a 10-year perspective, my vision is to provide miniaturized fluidic sampling and handling systems that will make a difference in the treatment of neurodegrading injury and chronic pain. Especially, I hope to provide electro-chemical in-vivo neurodiagnostic systems for real-time continuous medical treatment.


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