Anders Larsson

Project leader
Chronic Pain / Laboratory technology

Originally I am from Östersund but I did my medical training at Uppsala University and have remained in Uppsala after medical school. After my PhD I did my AT and then started working at Akademiska Sjukhuset. I am professor of laboratory technology and health economics at Uppsala University. I am also working as överläkare (consultant) at the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Pharmacology, Akademiska Hospital Uppsala. The Department of Clincal Chemistry and Pharmacology produces approximately 6.5 million test results per year divided on over 600 different assays.

I am mainly working with the development and evaluation of new laboratory tests that can improve patient treatment. I am mainly working with protein markers and immunodiagnostics. A couple of focus areas are cardiovascular disease risk markers, glomerular filtration markers and inflammation markers. We are also working with avian antibodies (IgY) for diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Both neurodegenerative diseases and chronic pain affects large number of patients. Despite the large number of patients and high costs for the society there are few clinical assays used for diagnosis and monitoring of these diseases. There is a very big need for laboratory markers for diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of these diseases.
My goal is that we have developed at least one laboratory marker that is used clinically for each of our target diseases. Such markers will aid the development of new drugs that can improve the outcome of our patients. Thus, in 15 years I hope that we will have new effective treatments for chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases that has a clear impact on the quality of life of the patients.


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