Lars Hillered

Principal Investigator
Explorative Research / Neurochemistry

Lars Hillered, MD, PhD. Professor of Neurochemistry of Uppsala University. Senior Consultant in Clinical Neurochemistry at Uppsala University Hospital.

Dr Hillered’s research interest is dedicated to the understanding of the pathobiology of acute brain injury with particular focus on molecular mechanisms and biomarkers of injury, neuroprotection and neurorepair.

Dr Hillered is the Director of Uppsala Brain Injury Center (UBIC; and Co-Director of Centre of Excellence Neurotrauma ( ), two translational research networks dedicated to combat traumatic brain injury, a major global public health problem.


The Uppsala Berzelii Technology Centre for Neurodiagnostics is an important partner in this research providing top level technological and analytical competencies in a collaborative effort to improve cerebral sampling methodology and to find clinically useful biomarkers of acute brain injury to further improve multimodality monitoring in Neuro-ICU patients.


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