Activity 1: Amplified single molecule detection using an electrical sensor


This project aims at developing a novel platform suitable for diagnostics for rapid detection of biomarkers using rolling circle amplification. The platform should be able to detect any biomarker of interest as long as there are affinity reagents available. The detection principle generates an electric read-out by metallization of rolling circle products forced to span the gap between two electrodes. This should be sensitive enough to record single molecule detection events in less than 30 minutes. The detection principle is also compatible with realization of a very simple and cheap disposable sensor device.




Project leader:






  • Camilla Russell (UU)
  • Jonas Jarvius (Q-linea)
  • Ken Welch (UU)
  • Rimantas Brukas (UU)
  • Fredrik Nikolajeff (UU)
  • Annika Ahlford (SU)
  • Karl Rosenfeldt (Qlinea)
  • Masood Kamali (UU)



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