Activity 1: Microdialysis for biomarker sampling



Microdialysis is the only bed-side sampling and monitoring technique of protein and peptide biomarkers. The challenges with microdialysis are low extraction efficiencies (EE) and poor reproducibility. The reason is the complexity of the proteins, physical and chemical properties of the membrane and the analytical procedures performed after microdialysis collection. Focus will be put on altering the properties of the membrane and to investigate how parameters, such as charge, hydrophobicity, activity and concentration of proteins affect the EE. Different surface modifications, both commercial and in-house synthesized, will be evaluated on microdialysis probes. New nanotechnology membranes will be machined in order to control size, shape and distribution of the pores but also separation layer thickness and surface chemistry. A microdialysis protein mapping project will also begin with the aim to investigate how the EE is affected of the wide diversity of different proteins chemical and physical properties.




Project leader:






  • Klas Hjort (UU)
  • Lars Hillered (UAS)
  • Inger Ståhl Myllyaho (UAS)
  • Magnus Wetterhall (UU)
  • Jonas Bergquist (UU)
  • Anders Larsson (UAS)
  • Karin Pettersson (CMA)
  • Anders Carlsson (CMA)



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