(source: Bildbanken, Uppsala University. Photographer Marcus Marcetic)

Goals in Explorative Research area:

The aim of the proposed research is to further develop sampling technologies, integrated miniaturized liquid separation technologies that can be combined with high-resolution MS detection and complementary sensitive detection schemes. These are all fields where we today are in the very forefront of research. Due to the ability to perform basic research in all parts of the analytical chain, from sampling to data evaluation, the researchers in our environment can develop novel concepts and methods, well appreciated by our clinical colleagues. The research efforts encompass both solutions for simplified sample handling as well as advanced high-tech systems to elucidate new knowledge of, e.g. biomarkers presence and relation to diseases. These developments necessitate new tools and methodology in advanced analytical chemistry aimed for the analysis of difficult samples.

Commercial aspects

From an industry standpoint, the key outputs from the Explorative Research project are IP and product concepts related to diagnostic and research tools for neurobiology. While the neurobiology area is the primary target application, three of the activities in the project also have applications and hence potential markets outside that area.


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