Activity 6: PET-imaging of markers for pain pathophysiology in CNS and peripheral tissue in humans and in experimental animals



We have found earlier that peripheral pain processes in humans may be clearly detected by certain PET markers (deprenyl). We have shown this in humans with pain after whiplash lesions, and confirmed the finding in patients suffering from pain after sprained ankle joint. This is an interesting novel finding possibly allowing new perspectives in the understanding of diagnosis and treatment of pain. The exact binding sites of this d-deprenyl in peripheral tissue are not known, nor the mechanism of the binding.

In this activity we want to investigate the precise role of the relevant marker, and related markers, by a series of in-vitro and in-vivo experiments, in animals and humans. We will also closely investigate the contribution of the blood flow component in our observations, as separated from the specific ligand uptake.





Project leader:






  • Lars Baltzer (ModPro)
  • Mikko Aarnio (UAS)
  • Anne-Li Lind (UAS)
  • Torsten Gordh (UAS)
  • Mats Fredriksson (UU)
  • Odd-Geir Berge (AstraZeneca)



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