Activity 4: Analysis of proNGF


Specifically investigate the role of nerve growth factors in chronic pain. ProNGF is a highly interesting candidate substance to explain pain signaling from peripheral tissue. It will be a pivotal progress to be able to analyze proNGF in very low concentrations. With methods available today, this is not possible. In this activity we will try to use mass spectrometry to quantify the levels of proNGF in a human pain model, where microdialysate is obtained from pain stimulated skin.





Project leader






  • Jonas Bergquist (UU)
  • Torsten Gordh (UAS)
  • Anne-Li Lind (UAS)
  • Marcus Sjödin (UU)
  • Konstantin Artemenko (UU)
  • Lars Baltzer (ModPro)
  • Martin Schmelz (UAS)



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