Activity 3: Multiplexed PLA for analysis of biomarkers relevant to pain. Analysis of genetic polymorphisms.


To study the pattern of biomarkers characterizing different pain states. Evaluate 10 analgesic biomarker candidates, including neurotrophins, chemokins and interleukins. The biomarkers are chosen after a screening process, bases on published data and own preliminary results, pointing out 10 of the most relevant candidates in pain physiology/pathophysiology. After completing screening a “PLA panel” of the 10 candidates, using samples from our biobank, we will be ready to evaluate about 20 more markers.

Some candidate markers we will be analyzed using other methods, e.g. Ecosanoider and F2-isoprostan.

We will also analyze the DNA from the patients in the biobank, giving possibilities to find polymorphism patterns, predicting the vulnerability to develop chronic pain after trauma.






Project leader:



  • Anne-Li Lind (UAS)
  • Torsten Gordh (UAS)
  • Fred Nyberg (UU)
  • Di Wu (UU)
  • Samar Basu (UU)
  • Anders Larsson (UAS)
  • Ulf Landegren (UU)
  • Odd-Geir Berge (AZ)
  • Martin Schmelz (UAS)
  • Constantin Bodolea (UU)


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