Activity 1: Biobank collection from patients with different pain states, and control samples



It is essential to have good control of relevant biomaterial (including that from control groups), therefore we will collect serum/plasma, CSF and tissue samples from well characterized patients as follows:

i/ Hernia surgery patients, 100 with chronic pain and 100 without pain at least one year after identical surgical procedures.

ii/ Plasma from patients suffering from fibromyalgia, before and after treatment (100 + 100).

iii/ Plasma from patients suffering from chronic back pain before and after treatment (100 + 100).

iv/ CSF from 300 pain free control patients (undergoing prostate or gynecologic surgery, characterized to sex, age, medication, smoking, pain). This patient group will be used as controls in our experiments and to establish reference intervals for biomarkers in CSF.

v/ CSF from patients treated with spinal cord stimulation for neuropathic pain, in painful and pain free states (20 + 20).

vi/ Microdialysate from skin from healthy volunteers or patients, investigated in well defined human pain models, in order to study neurochemical changes underlying pain signaling.

vii/ Plasma and CSF from animal experiments in conditions corresponding to clinical situations, animals and humans, dialysis samples (>100).

viii/ Collection of painful neuromas and control tissue/plasma, from patients undergoing hand surgery.




Project leader:






  • Odd-Geir Berge (AZ)
  • Torsten Gordh (UAS)
  • Fred Nyberg (UU)
  • Johanna Kieseriyzky (UAS)
  • Anne-Li Lind (UAS)
  • Martin Schmelz (UAS)
  • Constantin Bodolea (UU)



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