(Source: Bildbanken, Uppsala University. Photographer Marcus Marcetic)

Projects in the thematic research area of Chronic Pain:

Phase III (2013 - )

  • Biomarkers for better understanding of pain pathophysiology and diagnosis of specific pain states.
  • Mechanism of action behind spinal cord stimulation (SCS).
  • D-deprenyl in pain generating tissues.
  • In situ PLA for investigation of pain generating human nerve tissue with focus on the role of proNGF.
  • Biobank sample collection from patients with different well characterized pain states, and control samples.

Phase I & II (2007 - 2012)

  • Biobank collection from patients with different pain states, and control samples [read_more]
  • Animal models for patient profiling [read_more]
  • Multiplexed PLA for analysis of biomarkers relevant to pain. Analysis of genetic polymorphisms [read_more]
  • PET-imaging of markers for pain pathophysiology in CNS and peripheral tissue in humans and in experimental animals [read_more]



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