Activity 4: Mass spec based identification and characterization of biomarkers for synapse and neuronal degeneration


Degeneration of neurons and synapses leading to loss of nerve function are important aspects of dementia, including Alzheimer´s Disease (AD). Markers for synaptic and neuronal damage/dysfunction may serve as both diagnostic markers, as markers of disease progression and as proof-of-principle markers in clinical trials on novel drug candidates. Therefore, it is highly interesting to identify synapse proteins, or fragments of synapse proteins, present in CSF, to develop assays for these proteins and to measure their levels in patients and controls. As a part of the validation package, it is equally important to identify and characterize the analogous proteins in mouse models of AD pathology, where these novel candidate biomarkers can be systematically studied in brain tissue also.

The main goal this project is to map the brain proteome from AD patients and compare this to healthy control material and “negative” disease controls in order to find protein specific changes in the protein expression or protein modification that can be correlated to the disease pathology.




Project leader:



  • Ganna Shevchenko (UU)
  • Sravani Musuruni (UU)
  • Jonas Bergquist (UU)
  • Kim Kultima (UU)
  • Lars Andersson (AZ)
  • Gabriel von Euler(AZ)
  • Kina Höglund (AZ)
  • Joakim Bergström (UAS)
  • Lars Lannfelt (UAS)
  • Martin Ingelsson (UAS)


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