Activity 2: In situ PLA


The proximity ligation assay (PLA) represents a new and powerful tool for analyzing single or large sets of proteins in cell lysates and body fluids, and the in situ form of PLA can be used to image protein complexes at the single molecule level in tissue sections or in cells. We will use the in situ PLA technology to develop highly sensitive and specific assays for proteins and their modifications and interactions in Alzheimer’s disease. PLA will be applied to address a range of questions that can lead to improved insights in the pathology of this disease, establish new diagnostic targets and assay procedures, and identify molecules to be targeted for drug treatment or improve methods to screen for therapeutic agents.






Project leader:





  • Ulf Landegren (UU)
  • Di Wu (UU)
  • Lars Lannfelt (UU)
  • Ekaterina Pardali (AZ)
  • Susanne Fabre (AZ)



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