(Source: bildbanken, Uppsala University. Photographer Martin Cejie)

Goals in Alzheimer's disease research area


Expected results

• Enable measurement of A? oligomers in CSF by utilizing an A? oligomer selective antibody in immunoassays and novel detection systems with increased sensitivity

• Investigate the aggregation process of ?-synuclein, isolate and purify ?-synuclein oligomers and use them as antigens to produce ?-synuclein oligomer specific monoclonal antibodies. Use the antibodies in assays to measure ?-synuclein oligomers in patient cerebrospinal fluid and plasma


Commercial aspects

From an industry perspective, biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is of great importance to be able to treat patients early in the disease progress. Furthermore, we see a need for improved differential diagnosis of dementia, as many big pharmas struggle with lack of efficacy in late clinical trials, often due to heterogenic patient populations. In AD clinical trials, there is also an increased regulatory demand on complementary biomarkers to prove that efficacy is related to the relevant target and/or pathway.


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