Olink AB is a privately held biotech supply company based in Uppsala, Sweden. Olink AB develops enabling tools and detection technologies to the life science research and diagnostics community. The technologies are available as proprietary products and services supplied by Olink Bioscience and its licensees. The commercial model combines sales of reagent products along with active out-licensing of novel technologies.

Olink Bioscience first product, Duolink®, is based on in situ PLA™ which is a proximity ligation assay technology, and was launched in June 2007. Duolink enables researchers to use existing antibodies and standard fluorescence or brightfield microscopy to study proteins and protein events at unprecedented resolution in unmodified cells and tissue sections.

The participation in the Berzelii Centre give us insight into field of strategic importance to Olink as well as access to leading scientists in medicine, biology  and nanotechnology.

Partner representative is Dr Simon Fredriksson, CSO. He has a background as researcher both from Rudbeck Laboratory at Uppsala University and Stanford University, USA.


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