CMA Microdialysis (“CMA”) is a Swedish medical device and research company founded in 1984 as a spin-off from the Karolinska Institute. Unique and market leading solutions are developed, produced and sold to clinicians and researchers to enable optimized patient care and accelerated drug development. CMA’s complete line of instruments, consumables and computer software are used globally by universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies as unique tools for in vivo sampling and monitoring of organs and blood.

The core competence lies within solutions based on the Microdialysis technique. The products are produced in Sweden under ISO 13485 and according to FDA standards. With a highly specialized and skilled staff, consumables are manufactured in a Class 8 clean room environment. The head office is located outside Stockholm, Sweden, with subsidiary in USA. CMA has distributors across the globe, responsible for local sales, service and support. CMA is primarily owned by Bure AB and Investor Growth Capital, both leading Swedish industrial holding companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

In the Berzelii project, CMA is contributing with personnel and specialized microdialysis equipment.


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