AstraZeneca is a global pharmaceutical company, which discovers new medicines that are designed to improve the health and quality of life of patients around the world - medicines which are innovative, effective and which offer added benefits such as reduced side effects or improved ways of administering the treatment. Within AstraZeneca R&D Södertälje, Alzheimer’s disease and Analgesia are strong research areas with an increasing number of projects in the pipeline. In these areas there is an increased focus on biomarker development to support disease modification clinical trials in terms of diagnostic and efficacy biomarkers.

The company participates in the Centre because of an interest for novel concepts and technologies that can give enhanced information about selected proteins and peptides, preferentially concerning protein complexes and biomarkers.


Partner representative is Dr Susanne Fabre, who works as Associate Director for the biomarker section at the Disease Biology Dept at AZ R&D Södertälje.


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