Organisational structure of Centre management

Organisation of Uppsala Berzelii Technology Centre for Neurodiagnostics

Centre Board

The Centre board should be composed of at least five members (including the chair), with deputies for all members. The board will be assigned for each phase of the Centre by the General Meeting of the Centre Parties (see the Consortium Agreement for details).


The board will meet four times per year and have the following duties:

-       evaluate the Centre research activities

-       give guidance for the Centre operation

-       responsibility to terminate activities not fulfilling the goals

-       decide on Centre budget distribution

-       decide organisational changes

-       decide Centre evolvement including new partners

-       approve the operational plan for each new phase


Steering Group

This is a working group assigned by three board members. The role of this group is to closely monitor the progress of each separate research activity and give recommendations to the board for adjustments in terms of resources, down selection of projects and project termination. The group will be invited to participate in the thematic area meetings and receive written reports twice per year from the three thematic area leaders.


International Scientific Advisory Board

The goal of the SAB will be to evaluate the Centre and its projects, primarily with respect to the scientific content and focus of the research. The SAB members will make one site-visit per year to Uppsala, and review the research progress by written evaluations.


Centre Leadership and Management Structure

Centre Director

The Centre Director will be responsible for the scientific direction and progress of the Centre. The Director will chair the joint drafting council, participate in the other meetings and will be reporting to the Centre Board, thus being an important link between the Centre units. The Director will secure that transfer of knowledge, deliverables, information etc between Centre partners is working smoothly and efficiently.

Centre Coordinator

The Centre Coordinator will work in close conjunction with the Centre Director and participate in the meetings of the Centre units. The Coordinator will be responsible for coordination and administration, follow up, writing and spreading minutes from the meetings, and the internal communication.


Joint Drafting Council

The joint drafting council consists of all the Principal Investigators and will meet 4-5 times per year to discuss issues which need consensus among the PIs. Such issues can relate to the overall direction of the Centre, resources and new projects/partners. The joint drafting council will also discuss ongoing progress in the projects and look for synergetic effects between the partners.


Thematic area leaders

It is the responsibility of the thematic area leaders to look for synergetic effects by pairing personnel and competences from the Centre towards the research activities. The strategic advisory group, appointed by the board, will interact regularly with the thematic area leaders and monitor the progress in the research projects, including the level of interaction between the project members.


Project leaders

The Project Leaders are responsible for the separate research activities as described in the Research Programme. They will report to the Centre Management team, both verbaly and in written form. The joint project leaders meeting will take place every sixth week and is a forum for exchange of ideas, experiences and problem shooting. The forum will give the attendees the possibility to interact and initiate further collaboration.


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